Hey folk,

We have a responsibility right now as content marketers.

We have a specific skill-set; the ability to digest information and articulate it clearly.  As natural communicators, we have a responsibility to get educated, listen to black voices and take action.

People are dying in 2020 because systemic racism is alive & kicking. Racism is a problem in the UK. Saying nothing with your voice publicly right now to illuminate racism or show allyship, is saying something.

Silence against oppression is what has allowed black people to suffer; by all of us turning a blind eye to injustice. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable talking about racism but please push through the discomfort!

How can you help: 

1) Sign petitions and donate to the movement (if you can)

2) Educate yourself This is important. 13th on Netflix is a good start and eye-opening.

Books: White Fragility, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, Natives: Race & Class in the Ruins of Empire, How To Be Anti-Racist to name a few.

Proactively follow a diverse range of people on social media

More resources 

3) Take action in the workplace: proactively speak out against racism, encourage diverse hiring. Ask your leadership teams how they supporting the movement right now via comms and specific actions. Keep pushing!

I want to continue having diverse speakers at ContentUK’s events and have a community where everyone feels welcome. Please please tell me if you think I can be doing a better job at this.

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