Creating a Killer B2B Content Strategy for Brand and Revenue Targets

How can you create a B2B content strategy for brand and revenue targets? In this workshop, B2B marketing pro, Jason Bradwell, will show you how to build a strategy for demand gen goals without losing site of brand development. (And how to get leadership buy-in)

What you’ll learn…

  • How the average B2B buyer has changed over the last decade
  • Why finding a balance between demand gen and brand development is the key to long-term growth in B2B
  • What you need to build a process that pumps out the ‘right’ content when resources are tight
  • Secrets on how to convince a sceptical leadership team that’s only focussed on pipeline to invest in brand
  • Q&A

About Jason Bradwell

Jason Bradwell is a Senior Marketing Director for a global enterprise technology brand. He is on a mission to prove B2B doesn’t have to be boring with his podcast, B2B Better, and weekly newsletter, The B2B Bite.

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