[Webinar] Carrie Rose – is there space for creativity within search?

Is there space for creativity within search? Carrie Rose, the inspirational founder of the in-demand agency, Rise at Seven, thinks so! Rise at Seven are turning heads in the industry with their creative content campaigns that drive *a lot* of press coverage and links thanks to their outside-the-box campaigns.. She’ll be sharing actionable tips for content marketers in this webinar and Q&A.


What you'll learn

  • How to create content that lands links just because it’s creative 

  • How to get your content on national press 

  • How multi million £ brands are connecting their brand and search activities 

About Carrie Rose

Carrie Rose is one to watch in 2021! She’s 27-year old CEO and Founder of Rise at Seven; one the fasted growing creative agencies in the world. As Campaign magazine’s Media Week 30 under 30s she’s transforming the content & SEO agency space at Rise with dynamic campaigns for brands like Missguided and Playstation.

More from Carrie:
🐦 @CarrieRosePR (Twitter)
🐦 @RiseatSeven (Twitter)
🎥 The Sauce (YouTube Vlog)
🔗 Rise at Seven’s website

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