Write. Delete. Repeat. A short snippet from Glenn’s Q&A

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If you want to improve your writing craft – give this Q&A a listen! Glenn dives straight into the nitty-gritty of how to write copy that engages readers and how to deconstruct all copy you come across.

What You’ll Learn…

✏️ Why you should spend 80% of your time thinking & researching before writing

✏️ A process for writing persuasive headlines

✏️ The fine line between writing for SEO & writing for readers

✏️ Why and how to deconstruct everything you read

✏️ Recommended reading examples of persuasive copy

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About Glenn Fisher

Amazon best-seller, host of the All Good Copy Podcast and highly experienced direct-response copywriter, Glenn Fisher, shares his copywriting wisdom in this Conversion Copywriting Q&A.

πŸ”— allgoodcopy.com
🐦 @allgoodcopy
βœ‰οΈ allgoodcopy@gmail.com
πŸŽ™All Good Copy podcast
πŸ“• The Art of the Click

Glenn’s debut novel The Art of the Click was our book of choice for ContentUK’s Book Club #1. It dives into practical methods for crafting direct-response copy; copy that generates an action from readers. We explore methods from the book during this Q&A

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