With 44,000+ subscribers to his Marketing Examples newsletter, Harry Dry (a fellow ContentUK-er) knows a thing or 2 about newsletter growth.

In part 1 of this session, Harry explains how he grew his newsletter to 44,000+ subscribers in 18 months and tactics for building your own newsletter.

P.S โ€” Harry’s recently launched Copywriting Examples. The site for anyone writing new copy.

Members – watch the full episode along with notes and slides

About Harry Dry

Harry Dry is the founder of Marketing Examples; renowned for dissecting case studies on topics ranging from content marketing, copywriting, SEO and more. Harry has grown the Marketing Examples newsletter 44,000+ subscribers… single-handedly.

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What you’ll learn…

โœ๏ธPart 1 – presentation from Harry

  • The Marketing Examples newsletter story so far
  • How to create ”loops’ when sharing content to bring in subscribers
  • The importance of distribution (properly) across social
  • Tactics for improving conversions

(Some) notes from part 1

Share your content across all the watering holes that you audience hang in

  • Write an amazing piece of content about your niche
  • Note all the waterholes where your audience hang on the web (e.g Reddit, Facebook groups)
  • Don’t redirect people – wow them on the platform they’re already using. E.g share the FULL post on the newsletter, on Reddit, Slideshare on LinkedIn, carousel on Instagram etc https://marketingexamples.com/content/sharing
  • Add the CTA to the newsletter at the bottom of each place you shared the piece of content
Example of wowing on each platform

Conversions – how to get people to subscribe

It’s more important to improve conversions to your newsletter then traffic!

Traffic of 30,000 x 1% converting = 300 subs
Traffic of 10,000 x 3% converting = 300 subs

  • Make something worth subscribing to. Give them a reason to subscribe! Use social proof
  • Make it easy for people to subscribe:
    • Fixed nav bar
    • CTA at end of article
    • Exit-intent pop-up (50% of Harry’s subs)
    • Subscribe page
  • Make amazing content – put EFFORT into the minutiae details

โœ๏ธ Part 2: Q&A (for members. Full notes & slides included too)

  • The importance of distribution (properly) across social
  • How to get people excited about each new newsletter edition
  • Re-engaging a dropping open rate
  • Making images to compliment content
  • Getting newsletter sponsorship
  • & much more!

Members – watch the full episode along with notes and slides

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