A Webinar with Adesola Ajilogba & Tamara Marshall

About the Webinar

If you’re an inhouse SEO or content marketer, team collaboration is vital when it comes to excelling in your role. From navigating multiple stakeholders to documenting how your work impacts the business to co-ordinating clear briefs… there are multiple steps involved when it comes to team alignment.

In this webinar, inhouse SEO experts, Adesola Ajilogba of Soldo, and Tamara Marshall of IG Group will be teaching you practical tips they’ve picked up over the years for exceptional SEO and content collaboration.

SEO & Content Collaboration: The Golden Thread of Online Success (Tamara Marshall)

What You’ll Learn…

โœ๏ธ How SEO and content make a formidable package for growing organic visibility and clicks

โœ๏ธ Learn how SEOs and content marketers can maximise inhouse expertise to move the needle (each can spot opportunities that the other may miss) 

โœ๏ธ Tools & tactics for effective collaboration (brainstorm sessions, shared goals, SEO content briefs, regular performance update meetings etc)

โœ๏ธ Learn how to get this rolling in your company!

โœ๏ธ Q&A

Socialising the Impact of SEO When Working Inhouse with Adesola Adjilogba

What You’ll Learn…

โœ๏ธ How to create and socialise a roadmap

โœ๏ธ Creating and documenting a knowledge base (it’ll make your life easy later on!)

โœ๏ธ How to educate the business on the value of SEO  Results + ROI

โœ๏ธ The power of focusing on thorough data (data wins all arguments)

โœ๏ธ Aligning SEO priorities with the priorities of the business.

โœ๏ธ Q&A

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About the Organisers

Tamara Marshall is an SEO strategy manager working for a global brand in financial tech. As a qualified journalist with copywriting experience, she recognises the power of the written word, and the invaluable knowledge and expertise of a content team. With a combined six yearsโ€™ in SEO, Tamara is passionate about driving content and SEO collaboration to achieve a super-charged, holistic strategy that prioritises search experience optimisation: the future of online success in 2020 and beyond.

Adesola Ajilogba is an in-house SEO specialist at Soldo. She started in digital marketing as a generalist, eventually specialising in Tech SEO and SEO strategy. She has a background in Economics and sheโ€™s interested in marketing psychology: how and why users make decisions and what marketers can do to help them on their buying journey.

Christina Pashialis: I run the ContentUK community in my spare time and am a content manager at Soldo. Having worked in content roles for 6 years across tech startups, scale-ups and content agency-side, Iโ€™m keen to support others carving content marketing careers.

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