About the Workshop

Your landing pages may be getting traffic but are they converting visitors to take action and become customers? Where do you start when it comes to optimising your landing pages amidst all the advice out there? What’s the best approach to take?

In this interactive session, Olly Meakings, founder of RoastMyLandingPage, will show you how to increase your landing page conversion rate, deconstruct high-converting pages and ‘roast’ attendees’ landing pages (live!) 🙂

You’ll be learning from the best; having roasted 150 landing pages to date, converting landing pages is his speciality.

What you’ll learn in this workshop…

✏️Actionable tips around what you can do today to increase landing page conversions

✏️A deconstruction of SaaS landing page that convert well

✏️ A deconstruction of a freelance content marketer’s page that converts well

✏️ LIVE roasts of attendees landing pages (including ContentUK’s 😁) with suggestions of how to improve. As many as we can fit into the session!

About the organisers

Olly Meakings is the founder of RoastMyLandingPage . He’s roasted over 150 landing pages and is a freelance Digital Marketer based in London.

Christina Pashialis 👋: I run the ContentUK community in my spare time and am a content manager at Soldo. Having worked in content roles for 6 years across tech startups, scale-ups and content agency-side, I’m keen to support others carving content marketing careers.

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