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The ContentUK jobs board was created to help UK content marketers find a role without having to sieve through millions of generic marketing jobs

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Since 2019 we’ve built the UK’s only dedicated community for content marketers. From content peers, workshops and knowledge, our community is a highly engaged and supportive space.

Let’s help you reach content marketing talent πŸ™Œ

πŸ”₯ High-quality candidates: Our high-calibre members work for the likes of Paddle, LoyaltyLion and Juro

πŸ‘ Dedicated support: Chat to an actual human 😊. I’m on hand to answer any questions you have on phone, email, or social media

✏️ Trusted: Companies like GoCardless and Blueprint have featured their content roles with ContentUK

?Who does your job reach? UK content marketers 😊. Both inhouse & freelance

ContentUK connected to me one of the best writers I've ever worked with (and I've worked with many in the past). Highly recommend.
ContentUK were super helpful in our new content hire. Not only did they help us specialise the job spec we had built, updating the role title and wording, they also gave us access to a rich community of candidates. Once the hire was placed, we've had ongoing support to settle them in and will continue to be part of the community and utilise all the amazing resources available!


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Recommendations to attract quality candidates

  • If you’re asking candidates to do a takeaway task such as writing a blog post, pay them for this or offer a voucher. Many quality candidates see unpaid tasks as a red flag and won’t apply
  • Checkout theΒ content salary survey 2021Β for a salary benchmark from 76 UK content marketers
  • Show the salary range for your role
  • Remove requirements for a degree. You may put off quality candidates who haven’t gone down a traditional ‘academic’ route
  • Check for gender bias in your job description
  • Have a section outlining the benefits you offer employees such as perks and career progression opportunities

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