What you’ll learn in the workshop

  • Why ambitious goals don’t always take as long as you think.
  • How focusing on habits and not goals can make you more productive (and less of a procrastinator)
  • How to build a habit that supports your future success.


How to use habits to achieve ambitious goals – Robbie Swale ContentUK.pdf

About the speaker

Robbie Swale is a leadership coach whose work focuses on creativity, leading with honour and the craft of coaching. Alongside his direct client work, he has run coaching, training and facilitation for organisations including Moonpig, the Royal Opera House, Swiss Re and the University of Edinburgh. He is the host of The Coach’s Journey Podcast and the author of How to Start When You’re Stuck.

About the host

Christina Pashialis is the founder of ContentUK and a freelance webinar specialist. She has a decade of marketing experience for tech startups; specialising in content and community.
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