What you’ll learn

  • The benefits of working at a content agency VS inhouse
  • How to juggle content production for multiple clients
  • How to work your way up to a senior content role at an agency
  • How agency content teams are structured and the different career opportunities
    • a chance to ask your own questions!

About the speakers

Erica Schneider

Erica is the Head of Content at Grizzle, a performance-driven content and SEO agency that helps B2B and SaaS companies like Pipedrive, Tide, and CXL achieve organic growth.

She previously worked as a freelance editor and content writer for various brands across various industries. She believes now as she did then that picking a niche can be helpful, but the best writers are epic researchers and know how to dig deep regardless of past experience or peripheral knowledge.

Before that, she was a Catering Director (read: event organizer) and Technical Project Manager. In her late-20s, she realized she was accidentally climbing the corporate ladder before she’d fully “found herself” and fled America to teach English in Thailand for two years. That’s where she fell in love with explaining complex topics simply, and realized a career in content marketing was the best way forward.

Paul David

Paul David (and his co-founder Will) launched Literal Humans in 2020 and have since grown the agency to over £1M ARR working across nearly two dozen clients in tech for good, B2B SaaS, and charities. He previously worked as a freelance writer and content strategist for a number of different tech brands, including Contentstack, Submittable, TransferWise, and Toptal. Paul also helped build a previous agency from $500K ARR to $1.5MM ARR in under two years by providing high-quality content strategy + execution across a range of clients and building internal agency systems. Before his career in content marketing, he worked in education and nonprofit management in the US

About the host

Christina Pashialis is the founder of ContentUK and a freelance webinar specialist. She has a decade of marketing experience for tech startups; specialising in content and community.
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