📅 Growing a damn good newsletter: Q&A with Harry Dry of Marketing Examples

With 44,000+ subscribers to his Marketing Examples newsletter, Harry Dry (a fellow ContentUK-er) knows a thing or 2 about newsletter growth.

In part 1 of this session, Harry explains how he grew his newsletter to 44,000+ subscribers in 18 months and tactics for building your own newsletter. Followed by a Q&A

What you'll learn

  • How to create ”loops’ when sharing content to bring in subscribers
  • The importance of distribution (properly) across social
  • Why you should have human face on a newsletter over a company
  • Tactics for improving conversions
  • The Marketing Examples story so far
  • Lots of Q&A questions

About the speaker

Harry Dry is the founder of Marketing Examples; renowned for dissecting case studies on topics ranging from content marketing, copywriting, SEO and more. Harry has grown the Marketing Examples newsletter 44,000+ subscribers… single-handedly.

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About the host

Christina Pashialis is the founder of ContentUK and a freelance webinar specialist. She has a decade of marketing experience for tech startups; specialising in content and community.
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