How to build a šŸ”„ LinkedIn personal brand in 6 months (and overcome imposter syndrome) | Greig Roberston, Cognism

What you’ll learn in the workshop

  • Setting goals and defining your audience
  • Exploring the art of LinkedIn SEO
  • Inspo for overcoming first post jitters
  • Techniques for creating content that resonates with your target audience
  • The 3 types of LinkedIn posts that most drive engagement
  • Frameworks for buildingĀ maintaining posting momentum
  • Tips on how to measure the growth of your personal brand


How to build a šŸ”„LinkedIn personal brand in 6 months (and overcome imposter syndrome).pdf


A list of people Greig recommended following who have strong LinkedIn personal brands

  • Jason Vana
  • Noelina Rissman
  • Erin Balsa
  • Dave Harland
  • Dan Kelsall
  • Eddie Shleyner
  • Camille Trent
  • Daniel Murray
  • Liz Willits
  • Sam Moss
  • Pragya Mishra
  • Filippo Piras
  • Aazar Ali Shad
  • Dina Calakovic
  • Lauren Lang

(John Espirian is also worth a follow & gives lots of LinkedIn tips! Checkout his ContentUK Q&AĀ from around 22:30 mins in for LinkedIn chat)

About the speaker

Greig Robertson is a B2B SaaS content specialist who helps rapid-growth technology companies get featured snippets for high-intent search terms.

Greigā€™s LinkedIn

About the host

Christina Pashialis is the founder of ContentUK and a freelance webinar specialist. She has a decade of marketing experience for tech startups; specialising in content and community.
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