What you’ll learn in the Q&A

Negotiating inhouse content salaries (from 0:00 – 30:46)

  • How you can plan in advance for a salary negotiation
  • Tips for making ‘the ask’ to your boss
  • How to figure out what salary to aim for

Negotiating freelance content rates (from 30:46)

  • How to set freelance rates when you first start out
  • Charging by project VS your time
  • How and when to approach rate increases
  • Charging for scope creep

About the speakers

Veronika Vēbere

Currently Head of Demand Generation at Sendible, ****first dipped her toes in content marketing when Instagram was only yet to launch! Starting out as a part-time marketer and transitioning into a growth-driven specialist in her field, she has valuable advice to share when it comes to advancing your career in content and beyond!

Louise Shanahan

Louise Shanahan is a freelance health copywriter who specialises in white papers, web copy and long-form content, to help medical and biotech organisations spread the word about their latest breakthroughs.

Louise has a background in public health and a Master’s in Health Policy. She’s also the host of 15 Minute Freelancer, a podcast for ambitious creative freelancers who want to build a business that works for them (and not the other way round!).

Find out more about Louise’s work: thecopyprescription.com and 15 Minute Freelancer podcast

Emma Cownley

Emma Cownley is a freelance B2C writer for music, fashion, and lifestyle brands. She’s the author of The Witchy Freelancer and host of Kiss My A’s on YouTube. Her sense of humour is unparalleled.

James Garnier

James Garnier is an inhouse Marketing Manager at Yieldify

About the host

Christina Pashialis is the founder of ContentUK and a freelance webinar specialist. She has a decade of marketing experience for tech startups; specialising in content and community.
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