The UK content salary survey 2021: discussing the results

What you’ll learn in the workshop

What’s the average salary for a UK-based content role? What’s the average freelance rate? How do gender, ethnicity, experience and location affect average salaries?We surveyed 76 UK content marketers to find out. Andy Tweddle, senior content manager at GoCardless, has analysed the results. He also digs into his tips for getting a higher salary.

  • The average income for a UK-based content role
  • How gender, ethnicity, experience and location all affect average salaries
  • Ways to use the data (and other useful sources) to get a better salary
  • Q&A

Full survey report here


About the speaker

Andy Tweddle is a senior content marketer at the London-based payments provider, GoCardless. He writes primarily about fintech and marketing

About the host

Christina Pashialis is the founder of ContentUK and a freelance webinar specialist. She has a decade of marketing experience for tech startups; specialising in content and community.
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